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Benefits of using Namibian Hardwoods as a Fireplace Wood in Winter as opposed to Locally Chopped Fireplace Woods.

 With winter around the corner you may consider using a Namibian Hardwood this winter as opposed to a more traditional locally chopped wood (ie; Bluegum and Blackwattle).


The most popular Namibian Hardwoods being Kameeldoring, Sekelbos and Mopane.

The benefits of these woods ,albeit more pricey, is that they will provide a longer lasting and hotter coal (We have had many customers remark that their fireplaces were still giving off heat more than 24hrs after making a fire).There is also less residual ash left over, making post-fire clean-up easier, as well as producing less creosote deposits, avoiding a potential chimney fire.


The above suggested Namibian Hardwoods are all excellent choices for Open Fireplaces and Fire pits, but do please be aware that with Closed-Combustion Fireplaces is recommended that they be mixed with a softer, less intense burning wood, Blue Gum being the recommended wood for this instance. This is due to the heat provided by the Namibian Hardwoods is hot enough to warp door hinges on some closed-combustion fireplaces.


A Very Big Plus for purchasing Namibian Hardwoods is that the wood is Guaranteed Dry and seasoned, even in the heart of a wet winter, so no struggling to light and burn wet or unseasoned firewood. This is due to only already dead trees being chopped up as per the Namibian government agreement and procedure.


So TRY OUT a few bags this Winter and see which of the above suggestions (Kameeldoring, Sekelbos and Mopane) work best ,or combine best with a more traditional Blue Gum or Black Wattle Firewood.


...And Don't Forget to always add Kindling and/or Firelighters to make sure your fire lights first time and keeps burning.

 But if you are ever in doubt you can always contact us and we will guide you to the best options!

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